Our Services


Starting up your e-commerce business or looking for opportunities abroad? Our web development team will assist you every step of the road. In no time you will be able to start the operation. In the next phase our team will help you analyze the collected data and make the right decisions to grow the business and optimize the e-commerce platform(s).

Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is often unnecessarily complicated. By going directly to the source and developing the optimal supply chain from there, unnecessary links are removed. In addition, we look at how collaborations with non-competing businesses in our network can provide an advantage.

International Expansion

Qlinked has a strong network in Europe, USA and Latin America. Through this network Qlinked assists companies with a smooth start abroad, so that there are no unnecessary delays or expenses in the initial phase. In addition, this network provides access to retail partners.


The Qlinked team advises on marketing strategies and if necessary takes care of the execution of online marketing. The guideline here is data, so the results are measurable and growth can be linked to marketing activities. This data driven approach ensures an efficient way of spending the marketing budget.


Despite globalisation, it is difficult to do business in many regions without a local presence. Qlinked recruits and selects the right sales people to achieve your goals in new sales regions.

Product Management

Qlinked can also take care of the management of a complete project for the introduction of a product in a new market in which all previously mentioned subjects are part of. Your company will be supported by a team of experienced specialists.